BÉIS is the hottest DTC travel accessory brand founded by beloved actress Shay Mitchell. BÉIS brought us on to translate their distinct online presence into reality featuring their limited edition Terry Collection. The BÉIS Motel was centrally located in the high traffic outdoor mall, The Grove LA. 

The BÉIS motel stood out from the crowd with its modern take on the 50’s roadside motel and americana style. From a building a custom neon motel sign, to cladding a scalloped awning to the exterior, the experience felt like a permanent fixture at the Grove. 

The luxe interior offered plenty of ways to explore BÉIS’ world of chic travel. A magic augmented reality elevator transported guests to the iconic Trixie Motel, and a spin-to-win gumball machine gave fun opportunities to win product. Every purchase over $100 came with a limited-edition BÉIS motel key fob. The campaign’s content was sprinkled throughout the space; blow up prints decorated the walls, reels projected on a vintage TV, and translated into customed designed travel magazines. 

Art Director